Maria Jimenez

Maria Jimenez

Senior Director, Financial Experience

Why I’m Here

Caring and healing is at the core of my calling, and I began my career with a vocational nursing degree. I never imagined what a world of opportunity would open up for me, and how I would use that experience to ignite change in health care.

In my work, I saw firsthand the difficulties and challenges that came with revenue cycle and I knew that I needed to guide change. Hospitality extends beyond physical care– it’s about the complete experience. My goal is to re-imagine the role of the “business office” and empower patients with the ability to make the right decisions, at the right time, all of the time. I work to build relationships, create dialogue and allow every patient– regardless of their socio-economic background– to hold onto their dignity during what can be a vulnerable time. I am determined to bring financial healing to all stakeholders.

Where She’s Been

LPN. Leader. Relationship-builder and guardian of the health care revenue cycle with Sharp Healthcare for more than thirty years. Maria has catapulted her early career as a vocational nurse and clinical research coordinator into a higher calling of healing the financial experience for patients. She excels in building relationships, listening with compassion, creating open dialogue and re-imagining the role and execution of financial systems within health care.

Maria has gained firsthand customer empathy through working as a thought leader of patient financial services, helping shape new dialogues between doctors, nurses, patients and their families. She has delivered on her promise to as an Experience architect to guide leaders to exceed financial and experience metrics and working to create hospitality.

Maria tirelessly seeks to create synchronicity and is a continuously putting her ideals into practice.