Kalen Stanton

Kalen Stanton

Practice Director

Why I’m Here

The Experience Lab isn’t just another job—it’s a way for me to devote my passion and talents to an endeavor that is both human-centered and at the same time “frontier work.” We’re doing things that have never been done before, which is both daunting and exciting.

Being in an industry with multiple mandates, it’s exciting to think that we can make health care better by exploring innovative possibilities while also returning to the heart of what we signed up to do: to heal. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy putting on goggles and mixing things up?

Where He’s Been

Kalen has explored multiple corners of the health care Experience, gathering insight, leadership, empathy, wisdom, and an understanding of operations. He is a connector and business architect for all things Experience Lab and a fount of cultural knowledge.

Focused on people in health care from day one, Kalen has improved Experience in a variety of ways, including reimagining patient access, developing effective standards of care and best practices across large systems, and conducting cultural assessments to create alignment for medical groups learning to grow together. He’s also dug into service delivery and understands the importance of meeting a need before a patient even knows he has one.

Kalen holds an MBA from Vanderbilt and was the architect of a Mini Cooper of EHR Systems targeted for private practices during his entrepreneurial studies.