Corinne Jurgensen

Corinne Jurgensen

Engagement Lead

Why I’m Here

After working for 15 years helping hospitals solve some of the thorniest financial and clinical problems, I realized that there was one huge problem that no one was solving. It was too easy for hospital executives to overlook the importance of placing patients, families, and employees at the center and that creating a delightful Experience is not a business performance trade-off. I’m ready to help inspire hospital communities to take on the problem, to boldly design their purposeful Experience one patient, one family, and one employee at a time.

Where She’s Been

Corinne is a collaborator. A communicator and a do-er. She specializes in unraveling vexing problems and improving lives. There’s an art to building successful partnerships, and Corinne understands that it requires seeing not just both sides of the equation, but every side of the equation.

Corinne has put her talents to work through a variety of health care initiatives. She spearheaded an infection surveillance project that reduced infection rates through real-time, preventive quality interventions. She’s designed patient access interactions and enhanced physician communications. And she’s harnessed the power of technology to improve the hospital finance Experience.

Outside of the Lab, Corinne enjoys capturing moments through different lenses while pursuing her passion of photography. The whole world can change if you just look at it from a different perspective.