Aastha Minocha

Aastha Minocha

Engagement Associate

Why I’m Here

Several years ago, my grandmother in India suffered a brain hemorrhage that required a specialized procedure. After scrambling to find a facility that could perform it, we finally did the next day. Two days passed, and the hospital made excuses for why the procedure needed to be delayed, while my grandmother waited and continued paying for her room. After 48 hours, they told us that they actually did not have the resources to conduct the procedure. It was baffling to me that a situation so personal to me and my family was still just a money-making mechanism for the hospital.

So, to me transforming Experience, especially for patients, is very exciting—it is everything that healthcare should be doing. We should be viewing patients as people with memories, feelings, relationships and worries and treating them accordingly to do more than just cure their illness, but heal them as individuals.

Where She’s Been

An international traveler, chemistry researcher and health care consultant, Aastha applies a scientific, business and cultural lens to her all her roles. Not to mention the ability to do so in four different languages.

During her distinguished college career, one of Aastha’s main achievements was a chemistry publication regarding the optimization of a uric acid biosensor for the ultimate goal of saving lives of patients in septic shock. She also applied her knowledge to do more for the good of health care. As a consultant for the largest free healthcare provider in Virginia, she managed a team, conducting donor analysis and marketing for the organization. She utilized her deep cultural knowledge working with an economic development firm to attract FDI into the Greater Richmond Region. Her research was used as primary input in the firm’s annual strategy plan. Aastha is a go-to resource for strategy development and team coordination and she’ll be happy to translate.